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The Spirit Animal from My Inner Guide Meditation

Horse As you may recall, I took myself through the Inner Guide Meditation years ago. When I first came out of the cave into a garden, a Horse came to me to lead me to my true Inner Guide. Here … Continue reading

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How Your Brain Works: Can You Really Trust It?

Read It Twice I love researching for a Facebook group my daughter started: The Smilers. Anything that brings a smile to your face everyday can be shared there. But it’s a private group, so you have to ask to join. … Continue reading

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The Inner Guide Meditation

Read and Follow These Instructions Carefully (All quotes are from the Second Impression in 1983 of The Aquarian Press publication dated 1982). There is one thing about human beings that is consistent throughout the world: we do not follow instructions … Continue reading

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Never Knew David and I Have So Much in Common

Awakening In The Dream This book was launched on Tuesday. Here it is, only Thursday, and I’ve read 10% already. No doubt I’ll be writing more about it before I’m finished reading the rest. I’ve been ‘lucid dreaming’ since my … Continue reading

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We are Never, Ever Alone

Contacting Your Spirit Guide Sylvia Browne has been in the news lately. In one of her books, End of Days, she foretold of a respiratory virus in 2020. That was in 2008. Some people are incredulous about this. This book, … Continue reading

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Talisman: Good Protection?

  Catholic Faith I was baptized Catholic at St. Basil’s Church, 50 St. Joseph Street, Toronto on August 16, 1953. But I was never a practicing one. My life’s journey took me down the Protestant path instead. I don’t think … Continue reading

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Dreams: is there a higher education?

I never did attend university, but I finally graduated from high school, in my dreams. It may have been much, much more than that. Graduation Dreams figure greatly in my learning processes. The one that seemed to recur regularly was … Continue reading

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