We are Never, Ever Alone


Contacting Your Spirit Guide

Sylvia Browne has been in the news lately. In one of her books, End of Days, she foretold of a respiratory virus in 2020. That was in 2008. Some people are incredulous about this.

This book, from 2005, gives a totally inner look at an otherworldly situation: spirit guidance. Most of us have experienced this first-hand, but for those of a skeptical frame of mind, the information contained herein is useful as a primer for spirituality.

An Excerpt (from the back cover)

“It’s hard to say that a day in the life of a spirit guide is difficult, because we don’t have days, seasons, or time. We don’t have to sleep or eat or drink, yet we do have a body that’s more organically and molecularly solid than any earthly body is. We’re also all what you’d deem to be 30 years of age. No matter when we pass, we all become 30 very quickly when we reach the Other Side. When Sylvia asked me why this is, I said, ‘Because it is and always has been.’ Thirty seems to be the point of primary youth and maturity.

“By the way, while we’re talking about physical characteristics, no one on the Other Side has any deformities, and everyone has all their organs in perfectly healthy working condition — and there’s no depression, vengeance, anger, or jealousy. Even though we keep our basic personalities over here, it’s really the best of us — that is, without the human aggravations that cause our failings. Everyone has distinct looks, in all colors and sizes, but we’re all beautiful and recognizable to each soul. As Sylvia said, ‘Souls recognize each other in any form, shape, or color.'” From Sylvia’s spirit guide Francine.

None of This is News

If, like me, you read a wide selection of books about the spirit world, you come away with the overall view that this level, just up from ours in the astral plane, is very much similar, but definitely different. John Edward’s Crossing Over; Peter Richelieu’s A Soul’s Journey; Edgar Cayce’s Story of Jesus by Jeffrey Furst all say similar things. But do we listen, do we believe? Mostly, no, in my experience.

It’s called The Summerland.

A Selection of Ideas I’ve Adopted over the Years

(Page 58) Our guides always have our best interests at heart. In fact, every guide has been to visit every galaxy and gain information on how they handle such and such in their world that could relate to a problem we’re facing. This gives spirit guides a fresh view of a problem and some advice on how to handle it. Francine has told me that very little is generated from these trips except experience because, as she told me when I was a young girl, this planet is the insane asylum of the universe — and the longer I live here, the more I just know that’s true.

(Page 62) Keep in mind that we have five exit points, times when we can get out of life through an accident, a near-death experience, and so forth. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen or been told that our guides deflect these, but most of them wait for the last exit point.

(Page 95) While the trance experience is certainly exciting and fun for those who witness it, it’s neither for me. First of all, I feel like everyone is going to a party, but I have to go to bed. Also, the process is like falling into a deep well with no sound, much like losing consciousness. I’m told that I go to the Other Side and sit (gee, that sounds like fun), but I don’t remember anything that happens while I’m in a trance state. When I come out, I’m dizzy and disoriented, but I’ve also gone into trance with an upset stomach, a crunching headache, and a fever of 102 degrees and come out feeling great…so there’s a great benefit as well. It’s as if Francine leaves a healing essence as a thank you for the use of my body.*

*This description is similar to how Jane Roberts describes when Seth takes over her body.

(Page 106) [Francine speaking:]We are the ones who petition Mother and Father God, the Council and the angels when things get too rough for our charges.  We don’t always win, but we have been able to soften blows and even help with miracles and intervene moderately in the chart to help keep them on track. Even if people don’t hear our voices, they get feelings, premonitions, hunches…sure, some of them come from God, but so many times we are the conduit by which messages come through.

(Page 145) [Afterword] When I began to write the new section for this book, I had feelings of elation and even a king of “homesick sadness,” like a long-forgotten memory that stirs in your soul and brings back a morphic resonance of what was, and will be again. I felt somewhat the same way when I was writing The Other Side and Back and the Journey of the Soul series.

Yet this had a different flavor, like I was scanning my life with an old friend. You see, I know Francine so well, but I also get many revelations hearing about her days with me. I also began to have a renewed appreciation for her. Even though she didn’t complain, I could feel the pathos and the humor and even the helplessness she felt at times. After all, as she states, spirit guides have to become more humanized to understand us. So even though they’re on the Other Side, a lot of the bliss is taken away when you’re a guide or they wouldn’t be able to care about us.


I once wrote about a process called the Inner Guide Meditation, devised by Edwin Steinbrecher. I have since deleted the post because it attracted so many advertising bots that I got tired of having to delete ten to twelve comment posts a day. I suspect the ‘powers that be’ didn’t want anyone to benefit from my experience. I have since reposted it here.

Now, I’m pleased to say that Sylvia Browne’s book has a CD included that takes you through the process, too. If for no other reason, I suggest this alone is worth the price.

Say ‘hi’ to your spirit guide for me.

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