Never Knew David and I Have So Much in Common

Awakening In The Dream

This book was launched on Tuesday. Here it is, only Thursday, and I’ve read 10% already. No doubt I’ll be writing more about it before I’m finished reading the rest.

I’ve been ‘lucid dreaming’ since my early 30’s. Prior to that, I had vivid visions while in the dream state, but I suspect that was more to do with being psychic as a child.

The Old Man

Very soon after I achieved lucidity for the first time, I wrote a simple poem on October 6, 1989, entitled “A New Thought.” At sixteen years of age, being constantly bullied and feeling extremely out of place in the world, I was starting to ask questions that demanded answers. I had been meeting with an intriguing, fatherly, and very spiritually powerful old man in my dreams ever since I was two years old. I often felt the presence of this man as if he was around me, just out of view, giving me gentle and peaceful suggestions on various problems I faced. Who was this old man? What was this old man? Did he have something to do with what we normally would think of as God?

Wilcock, David. Awakening in the Dream (pp. 9-10). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Here’s the poem he wrote:

Within me there exists a presence, old as time yet fresh with ideas. I feel him there like I feel the gentle beating of my heart. He comforts me in my times of need, and watches over me in times of danger. I know not who he is, yet I sense where he has been. He has seen a simpler earth, where the skies were filled with wonder and the crops were generous in times of hunger. He has been there at every battlefield, every site of human emotions being put to the test. With him comes wisdom, feeling, and care. I feel that he is a guide to help me through the torment of living. He has been there since the beginning, when the state of existence and all of space in itself was merely a thought that pierced through the white nothingness. This thought became matter, and he began to shape it with his loving hands. He is more than an entity. He is more than my lord. He is more than a man. Do you know who he is?

Wilcock, David. Awakening in the Dream (p. 10). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.


David’s whole persona has been focused on disclosure of all things alien. He’s had many a dream of being in a UFO talking with his ‘old man’. That sounds like Rael, doesn’t it?

I can only remember one dream involving a UFO, and the sensation of looking out through one of the portals while it took off was stunning: everything on the ground slowed to a halt as we sped up. But that is all I remember.

On many occasions I boarded these craft and found the old man waiting for me inside. He had gray hair, a gray beard, a slightly off-white robe, and sandals. He spoke very peacefully and lovingly. He was always patient and kind, never in the least bit rude or disrespectful. I actually felt more connected to him than I did to my own parents, and I would often cry when I woke up and realized that our latest conversation was “only a dream.”

Wilcock, David. Awakening in the Dream (p. 11). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

The old man told David from the age of two that he was going to be a ‘very famous person’. Makes you wonder which came first: the thought implanted by the old man or the wish of a young boy? As David learned that can be a mixed blessing.

After I saw Star Wars in 1977, the old man began appearing as Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Jedi master who could levitate objects with his mind just like I often did in my dreams. I did think about the fact that in Star Wars, Darth Vader killed Obi-Wan and then Obi-Wan reappeared as a ghostly “light being.” Similarly, in my dreams the old man had the same shimmering aura of light around him, and he didn’t always seem completely solid and real.

Wilcock, David. Awakening in the Dream (p. 11). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Fun with Numbers

David used to try out his psychic skills on his friends. A ‘psychic club’ was formed.

This surprising success led to my creating a “psychic club” with a few of my friends, including Eric. They would go around the corner of the kindergarten building, far out of my sight or earshot, and pick a number between one and ten. By following Sherman’s protocols of going into a deep meditation and then taking the first piece of data that popped into my mind, however quiet or subtle it may have been, I was able to guess the correct number every single time.

Wilcock, David. Awakening in the Dream (p. 14). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

I know what that feels like. Numbers come so clearly to me that I wonder why other people don’t have the same ability.

I even knew when they had decided to try to trick me, and I stopped them and told them what their trick was going to be. They were about to choose a “fake number” for me to guess that would be different from the “real number” they had already picked. I saw a huge number seven fly toward me with brilliant rock and roll stage lights in my mind’s eye as they walked away. I then saw them leaning in, laughing and whispering with each other, and I suddenly realized what was happening. I yelled out to them, “Come on back, you’ve already chosen the next number. It’s seven.” I thought they would be very excited about this, but it turned out they were so frightened that our “club” immediately broke up.

Wilcock, David. Awakening in the Dream (p. 14). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Others treat you like a freak when you can do things they can’t, mainly because it freaks them out. Even now, people look at me weirdly when I say a number out loud just before someone else says it. I can’t help myself: I say what I see.


I documented in these posts my close encounters with danger. The biggest one was when our car burst into flames on Highway 400, in Barrie. Almost always, I’ve either had a dream about them before they happen, or I get a high-pitched tone in my ears.

Jung also saw that the superconscious mind could somehow anticipate future events before they happen, and tip off your subconscious mind in dreams to send you a signal as a warning before these events occur. Thus, you might end up having a sudden pain or itch, a ringing in your ears, a pressure in your head or chest, or a sense of immense impending dread directly before heading into a genuinely dangerous situation that you could not have otherwise foreseen consciously.

Wilcock, David. Awakening in the Dream (p. 35). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

I have since come to the conclusion that I am ‘protected’, for want of a better term.

Maybe David and I come from the same Source.

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