In the Beginning…

Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything

I’m reading three books at the moment. As usually happens, I’ve come across a series of things that could be considered synchronicity.

The A-Field Effect in the Cosmos

As we have seen in chapter 5, through torsion waves in the vacuum the A-field links things and events in the universe at staggering speeds — a billion times the velocity of light. The interference patterns of torsion waves create cosmic-scale holograms, the holograms of stars and entire stellar systems, These extend throughout our universe and correlate its galaxies and other macrostructures.

The torsion-wave interference patterns of stars and stellar systems create the hologram of the galaxy, and the interfering vacuum torsion waves of the metagalaxy (the set of all galaxies) create the hologram of the universe. The hologram of the universe is conjugate with the hologram of the galaxies, and thus this encompassing hologram creates coherence among the galaxies — it correlates the paths of their evolution. This A-field effect is extremely subtle yet it is effective: stars and galaxies evolve coherently throughout the universe, even across distances that could not have been traversed by any light or any signal known to modern physics.


There is, however, a simpler explanation. The “Bang” that gave birth to our universe, and the vacuum in which it occurred, was informed by a prior universe — a previous cycle of the Metaverse. Whether the universe is infinite or finite in space (and that is still not clear at present), it is most likely not finite in time: the cosmos is not limited to a single-cycle universe. This is relevant to our query, for it is evident that all universes that exist, and have ever existed, arise in the quantum vacuum. The particles that make up a given universe spring from the vacuum and fall back into it at the end of the universe’ life cycle. The vacuum existed before any universe was born, and will continue to exist after all matter in the universe vanishes into black holes. In the course of a vast series of universes, the vacuum becomes progressively tuned to the processes that take place in the universes that succeed one another.

The A-field effect gives us a simple and logical explanation of the fine-tuned features of our own universe. When this universe was born, the Bang that created it and the vacuum in which that event took place were not randomly configured. They were informed by prior universes, much like at conception the genetic code of a zygote is informed by the genetic code of the parents. That this was the case is far more plausible than a random selection from among an astronomically large number of disconnected universes — or among a similarly mind-boggling number of “vacua” in one and the same universe. (Pages 108-110)

The Light (from “The Way”)

The Bible begins with the famous phrase “In the beginning,” but Kabbalah tells us that a great deal preceded the beginning. Before the creation of time and space, there existed an infinite positive energy — the source of all that “is,” “was,” and “will be.” Since there was no space in the sense that we now understand the word, it would be misleading to say that the energy was everywhere. But we can say that there was nowhere that it was not.

The Hebrew word for this energy is Or, which can be translated as Light. But the Light of the Creator is far more than anything we might associate with the electric lightbulb, a flash of lightning, or any form of light in the physical world.

In kabbalistic terms, Light is a code word for an all-encompassing radiance of divine love.

Just as sunlight includes every color of the spectrum, the Light of the Creator includes all that we truly want and need — not only tangible things, but also emotional and spiritual qualities such as love, happiness, trust, and beauty. Just as it’s impossible to describe the Creator, the Light is a source of complete and permanent fulfillment that can’t really be expressed in words. This is the Light of fulfillment that you’ve just barely glimpsed at the most joyful moments of your life.

Of all the attributes of the Creator that are encompassed by the Light, the essential and defining one is an infinite and unbounded desire to give and share of itself.

The desire to share is both the fundamental attribute of the Creator and the true reason for the creation of the universe. As the great kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (1707-1747) wrote in The Way of God, “The purpose of creation was to bring into being a creature who could derive pleasure from the goodness of God.” What an amazing statement this is. It means that everything came into being in order for us to enjoy it. So many wars, persecutions, and general human miseries have been perpetrated over the centuries, supposedly because they were the will of God. Yet Kabbalah tells us that God’s will is for us to find pleasure in His creation! That’s literally why we’re here. The Creator’s desire to share was the true impetus for the process of creation. (Page 38-39)

And one final note:

It is your destiny to become a career man in these matters. There is no charge for admission at the time of the harvest. [Author’s note: “Harvest” is the term Ra uses for ascending into the next dimension.] When you approach the gate, you either approach or you don’t approach, and the choice is made from within; there is never any ambiguity concerning it. As the time approaches, you are immediately aware of whether it is appropriate or not, and the forces will act accordingly …. Once you realize that there is no past, no present, and no future, but only now, you come much further into becoming that which you have dreamed of.

Free, Wynn; Wilcock, David. The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?: Interdimensional Communication and Global Transformation (p. 228). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition.

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