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When the Heavenly Battle Comes Down to Earth

Night Sky (2022) If you’re a senior, this TV show (on Amazon Prime) may appeal to you. Otherwise, it may seem boring. The first teleportation flight we witness in episode one is their 856th (or at least that’s what I … Continue reading

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In the Beginning…

Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything I’m reading three books at the moment. As usually happens, I’ve come across a series of things that could be considered synchronicity. The A-Field Effect in the Cosmos As we … Continue reading

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News Cluster: Message from the Universe

Corona With all the press coverage about the Coronavirus from China, I was surprised to see a news item about a small plane crash near the Corona airport in California. My ‘spidey’ sense tingled. To see what I mean, Google … Continue reading

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