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How to Defeat an Invisible Enemy

A Bullet with My Name on It. This will sound weird, but I’ve come to understand that each of us is our own worst enemy. We are silently (and, sometimes, not so silently) sabotaging our health and wellbeing. You know … Continue reading

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Crisis? Decision Time!

Where are we on the steps toward resolution? From a strictly human level, the world is going through its worse case scenario since the mid-1950’s. People are dying out there, and no one has a ‘magic bullet’ to make it … Continue reading

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My Corona (with apologies to The Knack)

Ooh, my little pretty one, my pretty one When you gonna give me some time, Corona Ooh, you make my motor run, my motor run Got it coming off o’ the line, Corona Never gonna stop, give it up, such … Continue reading

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Changing Your Perspective

From Negative to Positive. The news has been depressing of late: pandemic panic buying; closed borders; social distancing; and a morbid fear of death and dying. It takes a Pollyanna spirit to see the silver lining in these dark clouds … Continue reading

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No Respect for Boundaries

Closing a Border Doesn’t Stop the Spread of Disease. President Trump decided to stop all flights to the United States from Europe, except from the UK. What he really did was restrict entry into the USA by foreign nationals. Americans … Continue reading

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The Aspects of a Couple of Pandemics

Combating Spanish ‘Flu 100 Years Ago. Would you like to see the common elements of two pandemics, more than 100 years apart? You’ll be surprised… These times are randomized, so not too much can be relied upon where the Ascendant … Continue reading

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It’s Officially a Pandemic!

The “Love” Bug is Everywhere! What I’d hoped to see, and what I am seeing, is that people the world over would begin to join together in sending love, light and hope to everyone suffering from COVID-19. Whatever the source … Continue reading

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No-one Expects the Spanish Influenza

When is the ‘Flu not the ‘Flu? COVID-19 is creeping ever closer to becoming a pandemic. That’s not good news. The last time the world panicked was in 2003 with the SARS outbreak. In the meantime, Ebola gave us cause … Continue reading

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