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When the Feeling’s Right, I’m Going to…

Run to You (1984) The other person knows who this refers to, so I’ll say no more… We were no April Fools…

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Life (version one)

  Though Life has lost its meaning And Time goes on the same, Yet I’ll not stop my dreaming For that would be a shame.   Through thoughts that throw a guided path And other things they turn from, With … Continue reading

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Crisis? Decision Time!

Where are we on the steps toward resolution? From a strictly human level, the world is going through its worse case scenario since the mid-1950’s. People are dying out there, and no one has a ‘magic bullet’ to make it … Continue reading

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Are You Having a Mid-life Crisis?

‘Is this all there is?’ Continuing on with the mental wellness theme of the last few days, I’m beginning to wonder if ‘stuff’ happens because your soul is trying to break out from the prison you’ve made of your life. … Continue reading

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Mid-Love Crisis

This is a poem about writing poetry about love. It can be very confusing, for sure. Mid-Love Crisis Mid-Life Crisis   If I could place my inner thought upon this empty page Would you read something which is not or … Continue reading

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