How Appropriate for Father’s Day…

Our Dad Shows Up in My Dream Last Night

Photo of Rus courtesy of Anne Hayward via

Having had a very busy day, yesterday, attending a family wedding (which was surprisingly emotional for me), I resolved to have a good night’s sleep, but also to remember whatever my dreams were about.

In the first one (that I can recall), our home had a visitor: Rus. He liked the accommodation but he had a slight issue with there being a shower in a bath. What he preferred was a shower in his room, even if it straddled two rooms. So we set about to change things. I think he was pleased.

Now, by itself, this dream has some contradictions to reality (“alternative truth”). For example, our shower is in the main bathroom of our house. Years ago, it was converted from an old bath to a shower stall. And the extra bedroom downstairs has access to a separate water closet (WC), but there is no room for a shower. In fact, in my dream, the guest bedroom is in the upper area of the house, not lower. Hmm.

Later portions of my dream reverted to a discussion with David Letterman, whose beard these days looks like it has a life of its own. Recent images of him are reminiscent of Rus.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

I suspect the switch to Letterman was due in part to watching his Netflix show “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction“. I had selected the one with Ryan Reynolds. (Reynolds is the maiden name of my cousin Doug’s wife, Margot) Do you see a trend here? The Miller side got a look-in during my dream.

That means I got a Father’s Day gift from both fathers. How lovely!

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