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Is It Time to Rewire the Brain?

Neuroplasticity Watching the CBC’s “Nature of Things” last night, I was amazed at the healing improvements for most of the people featured in the program. But it’s not a new idea, I’ve even hinted at it before, here. The two … Continue reading

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Anachronism: Ahead by a Century

Anne with an “E” (Season 3) The opening theme song, by The Tragically Hip, should have been a clue from the very beginning of this series. We are being taken down a dark path of this nation’s past, with story … Continue reading

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Character Eyes

Coroner This is the latest CBC show (now in summer repeats) that features a strong female lead character. Her eyes are like reflective pools of light, and when she’s on screen, everything else fades out of focus. Serinda Swan plays … Continue reading

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Tracking Down a TV Jingle

Bondi Vet This is a long-time running reality TV show from Australia. We get a double-dose of it every weekday on the CBC in the late afternoon. The opening song is infectious: “You make my world a better place: I … Continue reading

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Cooperation, Conspiracy or Collusion?

or just curiosity? The CBC produced a timeline for the Mueller investigation and broadcast it during last night’s The National.   You decide.

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More Scheer Hypocrisy

Calls for an Apology Last night’s CBC news program The National had a lot of political stories, but one segment made me sit up and say, “What!?” That sequence was about the resolution to an issue that was raised by … Continue reading

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Razzle Dazzle and Michele Finney

  In 1964, a huge slice of my childhood ended when Michele Finney left the CBC kid’s program Razzle Dazzle. I had been a fan of hers from her earliest days there (1960-61). In fact, we used to correspond regularly. … Continue reading

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