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When a Memory Turns into a Nightmare

Requiem (2018) We started watching this eerie series last night on Netflix. Ordinarily, I stay away from ‘gothic thrillers’ but this one has an interesting vibe to it: the classical music in the soundtrack. . In a way, I can … Continue reading

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And Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse…

Les Misérables (2019) Sometimes, timing is everything. When the musical of the same name was finally filmed in 2012, we all thought, ‘How wonderful!’ And the songs were memorable, too. Now, the CBC have started to show the BBC miniseries, … Continue reading

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Character Eyes

Coroner This is the latest CBC show (now in summer repeats) that features a strong female lead character. Her eyes are like reflective pools of light, and when she’s on screen, everything else fades out of focus. Serinda Swan plays … Continue reading

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The Older Sheldon Show Ends

Not with a Big Bang, but a Whimper It was the finale of The Big Bang Theory last night. It seemed almost anticlimactic for a series that has run for 12 years on the evolution of its main character, Sheldon … Continue reading

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Oceanic Flight 815

“Lost”: the Plot When this television series started in 2004, everyone speculated that the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 had actually died and their time on the Island was the afterlife. It took six seasons to tell the full tale, … Continue reading

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