The Older Sheldon Show Ends

The Change Constant/The Stockholm Syndrome

Not with a Big Bang, but a Whimper

It was the finale of The Big Bang Theory last night. It seemed almost anticlimactic for a series that has run for 12 years on the evolution of its main character, Sheldon Cooper. Jim Parsons portrayal of the high-functioning savant has been the main focus of the show, with his co-stars serving as extras. But the show wouldn’t have lasted if they hadn’t been there, so it became their show, too.

And how does this show end? With the gang eating a takeaway dinner, as usual.

Young Sheldon Lives On

Series 2 came to its logical conclusion, too, right after the end. That’s where the real tears flowed. And the producers tipped their corporate hats to The Big Bang Theory by having the younger versions of the cast appear as cameos in the following sequence:

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1 Response to The Older Sheldon Show Ends

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    OK. I will admit that a second viewing of The Big Bang Theory’s finale had me crying through Sheldon’s Nobel acceptance speech. It was a fitting acknowledgement of Jim Parson’s gratitude for being part of something bigger than the sum of its parts, and for the friendships of his co-stars.


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