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Some Good Advice from Edgar Cayce

Soul Astrology I was researching this morning’s post when I accidentally came across this passage in “Edgar Cayce’s Story of Jesus”. “In the development, then, that man may be one with Father, (it is) necessary that the soul pass — … Continue reading

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In 364 AD, Theon of Alexandria Observed Two Eclipses

Solar Eclipse (June 16, 364) There is one (double) inconjunct, linking the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction with the Ascendant @ 1° Scorpio. Mercury Inconjunct Ascendant This aspect may mean that you enjoy working with your mind, learning new skills and ways to … Continue reading

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I Fell into a Burning Ring of Fire

Annular Solar Eclipse – June 21, 2020 @ 2:41:15 am EDT Normally, I let recent eclipses come and go without too much fanfare because they happen all the time, and it just gets boring to keep referring to them. This … Continue reading

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Touching Our Atmos-Fear

Outer Solar Atmosphere Yesterday, NASA launched the Parker Solar Probe to explore the heat of the sun at its outer edges. My wife’s response was typical: “Why?” Will it make any difference to our lives here on earth? Even though … Continue reading

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