Touching Our Atmos-Fear


Outer Solar Atmosphere

Yesterday, NASA launched the Parker Solar Probe to explore the heat of the sun at its outer edges. My wife’s response was typical: “Why?”

Will it make any difference to our lives here on earth?

Even though nobody in ‘charge’ wants to admit it, climate change is real, and the ultimate purpose of any scientific experiment is to tackle this overheated subject matter. But spending 1.5 billion dollars to get ‘close’ (within 4 million miles) to the sun seems a bit wasteful when that money could have be used to change our polluting technologies.

Space Force

The fact that the United States has just announced the creation of a Space Force betrays another ‘real’ purpose behind the probe.

We are on a perilous journey riding through space on this planet. Our planetary vehicle seems to be in need of a massive makeover before it breaks down completely. Some of the riders want a completely new vehicle, so they need to know they can make the trip to the dealership safely. The probe will give them a test run of protection against the cold and the heat. It will also allow NASA a way of salting money away for future ‘trips’.


The saying about ruling the waves is also true for solar winds. And if those winds can be harnessed somehow, who knows where we can sail?


Panic must be setting in. We find ourselves running low in natural resources, such as oil and water. We have polluted our oceans, the landfills are getting full, we have destroyed countries with war, the air quality is diminished and the earth is fighting back.

If we don’t fix this soon, we may not survive. What are you going to do about it?

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