Tomorrowland: Is It Happening Now?


“Is it real life, or just a fantasy?”

As luck (?) would have it, Tomorrowland, the film, was shown on television, yesterday.

George Clooney, we have noticed, likes to make a point of being in films that make a point. The point in this one is obvious, but something has changed to make it more like ‘science fact’.


The Point

There is a sequence toward the end of the film which utilizes a series of natural disasters as a warning to us to change our ways.

The imminent danger to us was ‘foretold’ in 2015. Now, here, two years later, we are seeing those dangers played out in nightly broadcasts of the news.


Floods (Water element)


Hurricanes (Air element)


Forest Fires (Fire element)


Earthquakes (Earth element)



As one of the characters laments in the film, these images did not change anyone’s mind about Climate Change. In fact, they welcomed it as a sign that it was the “End of the World”.

Could it be any clearer?

[We interrupt our regularly scheduled ‘program’ to bring you a news flash…]

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