Some Good Advice from Edgar Cayce

Soul Astrology

I was researching this morning’s post when I accidentally came across this passage in “Edgar Cayce’s Story of Jesus”.

“In the development, then, that man may be one with Father, (it is) necessary that the soul pass — with its companion, the will — through all the various stages of development, until the will is lost in Him, and he becomes one with the Father.

The illustration of this we find in the man called Jesus. This man, as man, makes the will the will of the Father; then becoming one with the Father, and the model for man…

“When the soul reached that development in which it reached earth’s plane, it became the model in the flesh, as it had reached through developments in those spheres, or planets, known in the earth’s plane, obtaining then the One in All.

As in Mercury pertaining of Mind.

In Mars of Madness.

In Earth as of Flesh.

In Venus as Love.

In Jupiter as Strength.

In Saturn as the beginning of earthly woes, that to which all insufficient matter is cast for the beginning.

In that of Uranus as of the Psychic.

In that of Neptune as of Mystic.

In Septimus (Pluto?) as of Consciousness.

In Arcturus as of the developing. (900-10)”

Page 50

Good summation, eh?



They are much more than chunks of rock.

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