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The Star of Bethlehem (Cover Page)

The Star of Bethlehem An Astrological Portrait of Jesus of Nazareth Christopher David Stewart Miller

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The Hidden Light

Atlantis: the fate of a lost land and its secret knowledge Rudolf Steiner, again. His abilities allowed him to ‘read’ the Akashic Records. Like Edgar Cayce, he has shared that knowledge with us. When I read a book, I look … Continue reading

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Fountain International Magazine

Magazine Cover from December 2014 When Fountain International was first formed, they offered a magazine every four months for a small annual subscription. You didn’t have to ‘belong’ to Fountain, since there was no ‘membership’ as such. The magazine subscription … Continue reading

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Seven: a Sacred Number

Hidden in Plain Sight What could be more clear? We have seven days of the week in our calendar. In the early forms of Astrology, we had seven personal planets (as an echo of the days of the week). Now … Continue reading

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The Rosy Cross

My daughter, Amy, attempted to recreate the drawing I had been previously given as a symbol of my spiritual lineage. The roses should have been a bud, a primrose and a fully mature one. But she has captured the essence … Continue reading

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Be Not Afraid

(Another letter from my mother…) Dear Chris, (April 12 1989) Your postcard from the copper mine with its wry comments made me smile — I know just what you mean. You’ve been on my mind of late, so I bought … Continue reading

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The Key to the Wine Cellar

The mysterious bouquet Of past vintage years Has an allure so strong That the prohibition Could cause more harm Than the intoxication.   Please give me just a sip And I shall be content Knowing that it is no longer … Continue reading

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Sleeper Cells: spiritual fifth columnists

The Coming of the Holy Grail There aren’t too many books in this world which can turn one’s world-view entirely upside-down. This book does, and in such a way that it makes one wonder if one’s thinking has always been … Continue reading

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Star: 15 – Epilogue

We’ve all been waiting with bated breath for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ+. What if it’s happening NOW? What if the LGBTI community is here to live out Jesus’ message to love your neighbour as yourself? LGBTI Twenty years … Continue reading

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Star: 14 – Some Conclusions (part 3)

Was Jesus really a woman? I don’t think so, but a lot of people have speculated that he might have been an hermaphrodite. This would help explain the balance in his birth chart. Parthenogenesis? Let us continue with Anthony Harris’ … Continue reading

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