Kabbalah: “It’s Written in the Book of Life”

The Truth Behind the Bible Code (1997)

I’ve had this book since 2013 (before I started writing these blogs). I’ve alluded to it several times, most specifically to suggest that someone from the future went back to the past to impart the first five books of the Old Testament to Moses. Why? To show us that everything is known, and has been since the beginning of time. The opening chapter explains it better than I can.

Chapter One: The Ancient Legend

‘This book is the story of what may turn out to be the most important scientific research ever undertaken. The research began long ago as the speculations of mystics, but ended as science of the highest caliber. The reality it hints at encompasses both.

‘The story begins with an ancient and mysterious tradition among the Jews concerning the Torah — the first five books of the Bible, which form the core of Judaism, and are sacred to Christians and Muslims as well. This tradition claims that, unlike all other books of Scripture — and unlike any other sacred text from anywhere else in the world, at any time — the Torah alone was not merely inspired, it was dictated directly by God to Moses in a precise letter-by-letter sequence.

‘Entirely forgotten by the larger world, this strange tradition is not widely known nowadays even among Jews. Yet for many of those learned in Judaism and faithful to its tenets, the strict veracity of such claims is not in doubt. They maintain, to this day, that the legend of letter-by-letter transmission of the Torah was passed down by word of mouth for millennia, from the time of the actual event, precisely fifty days after the Exodus from Egypt. Only much later was the claim committed to writing.

‘And there is more. It is also said that into the precise sequence of letters, there is encrypted information of a sort that only a divine hand could have placed there. That is why so unusual a method of transmission was required.

‘However quaint or absurd it must surely seem, this tradition has an illustrious and surprising “provenance.” One of the greatest leaders and thinkers in all of Jewish history was a prominent eighteenth century Lithuanian rabbi, Elijah Solomon (in Hebrew, Eliyahu ben Shlomo) known reverently as “the Great One of Vilna” — the Vilna Gaon. As has often been the case with the great leaders of the Jews ever since the Roman exile, the Gaon was a child prodigy in Talmud, having memorized every one of its millions of words. But he was equally accomplished in mathematics. Furthermore, he was a rationalist par excellence and implacably hostile to unrestrained mystical enthusiasms of every sort.

‘Nonetheless, in a cryptic aside in one of his many brilliant books, he made the following startling claim: “All that was, is, and will be unto the end of time is included in the Torah, the first five books of the Bible.” Nor by this claim was the Gaon merely indulging in poetic hyperbole of the sort commonplace in religious writing. This greatest of Jewish rationalists meant it absolutely literally — and he took pains to make his point unmistakably clear: “. . . and not merely in a general sense, but including the details of every person individually, and the most minute details of everything that happened to him from the day of his birth until his death; likewise of every kind of animal and beast and living thing that exists, and of herbage, and of all that grows or is inert.”‘ (pages 1-2)


The adherents of Islam will often say, “It is written…”

We are beginning to recognize that everything is connected. The transmission of the text has a warning attached to it:

‘In fact, Bible scholars have long been aware that over the millennia, the Torah has been preserved with an amazingly small number of letter-level variations. Though not 100 percent perfect, this precision of transmission is of such a high order (especially by contrast with other ancient texts, including others within the Hebrew Scriptures) that it has long been a puzzle to scholars.

‘The puzzle lies not in the method that allows such precision — that is well-known — but in the reason for such attention. To this very day, every Torah scroll of the kind that may be found in any synagogue the world over is copied by hand from its predecessor, written out according to unchanging rules, by scribes who undergo an exacting course of training and preparation. To each of them, the following warning has been passed down through the ages — we should hear it as more than a poetic metaphor: “Should you perchance omit or add one single letter from the Torah, you would thereby destroy all the universe.”‘ (page 4)

That makes this saying of Jesus more understandable:

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