Was “Old Blood and Guts” Hannibal Reborn?

General George Patton (1885 – 1945)

This thought has been circling the internet for a few years now, so I cannot take any credit for its truth. When I posted the article about Hannibal Barca, I had in the back of my mind the idea that Patton was his reincarnation. But does that stand up to scrutiny?

If you compare this image of Patton with the statue of Hannibal, you can instantly see the similarities. That’s one of the criteria for ‘proof’. The other is astrology.

It’s that Yod pointing at Patton’s Ascendant that makes me sit up and take notice, but the fact that the Sun and the Moon are doing the pointing means that the effect is doubled if not tripled. He has a Gemini spirit, for sure. The Moon is in Capricorn (hard-hearted) and the Sun is in Scorpio (deep retribution). He couldn’t be anything but ‘blood and guts’, could he?

But there are other inconjuncts: Mercury and Saturn; Venus and Pluto; and Jupiter and the Midheaven. He definitely was carrying a load of heavy chips on his shoulder. But as long as he was doing his ‘job’, he was finishing what he set out to do: defeat Rome.

And the irony is that he had to join the new Roman Army (American armed forces) to do it.

Comparing the Charts

As we learned years ago, the 9th House cusp of the older chart needs a trigger planet from the newer chart to show the connection between them. Patton’s Saturn is the ‘proof’. And Patton’s Ascendant is conjunct Hannibal’s Sun. This is powerful, indeed.

The other links are just as telling: Patton’s Mercury is conjunct Hannibal’s Jupiter; the North Node in each chart is conjunct the South Node in the other; Patton’s Jupiter is conjunct Hannibal’s Moon; and Patton’s Moon is conjunct Hannibal’s Saturn. We have liftoff.

If you still have a skeptical mind about this, please note that it has been suggested that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of George Patton. I think that’s a bit of a stretch.

The Last Word is Patton’s:

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