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We Are: a Long, Long Way from Home

Tipperary, Ireland (June 2016) When you visit another country, you see things differently. I mean that term literally. My newly opened eyes saw how much poverty was there. I mean, if a former betting office is closed, what chance do … Continue reading

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How Europeans United: Fishing Limits?

Treaty of Rome (January 1, 1958) In one of his last chapters in Cosmic Loom, Dennis Elwell discusses how the European Union came into being. (At the time he was writing this book, that name didn’t exist.) We have already … Continue reading

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Charlemagne: Europe’s King Arthur?

The Last Time France and Germany were United The European Union (created by the¬†Treaty of Rome¬†in 1957) is not a new concept. Charlemagne got there first. But he achieved the union through timely alliances, actual battles, and some very astute … Continue reading

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Brexit: Article 50

On the 29th day of March 2017, at 12:30 pm, the United Kingdom, following the will of the people of Britain, handed the European Union a letter signalling their wish to be divorced from the rest of Europe. Why Does … Continue reading

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