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How England Lost Its MoJo in 1901 When Victoria Died

Innovation: The History of England Volume VI This was a birthday gift from Susan’s daughter, Tracy, almost a month late. Nevertheless, Peter Ackroyd is my favourite English historian, so I didn’t mind the belated birthday present. (I also have Volume … Continue reading

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Are We Painting Ourselves into a Corner?

Intolerance (1916) OK. This is a loaded question: should we tolerate differences in society, or should we draw a line in the sand and dare others to cross it at their peril? That seems to be the ethos of this … Continue reading

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Is Trump Meeting His Personal Waterloo?

Napoleon Bonaparte (August 15, 1769 – May 5, 1821) Alright, I’ve skirted around this issue long enough. Now it’s time to tackle it head on. Most astrology sites list Napoleon’s birth time as 11:00 am. One actually has 11:30 am. … Continue reading

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