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The Launch Season 2: Non-Binary Artist

T. Thomason The second career to be launched on this second season of The Launch came out in 2015 as a gender neutral ‘non-binary‘. Before that they were known as Molly. This is news. It means that the individual does … Continue reading

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Francis: The Last Pope?

Scandal in the Making If the present Roman Catholic sexual abuse allegations against priests in the United States and coverup by the Bishops and Archbishops have a specific purpose, it will be to undermine and probably topple Pope Francis I. … Continue reading

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The Honey Trap

  The Cold War Yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized to every persecuted member (past and present) of the Government, the Military and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who were hounded out of their careers for being (potentially) homosexual. This … Continue reading

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