Astrology: More Transgender Issues Revealed

Elliot (formerly Ellen) Page (February 21, 1987)

Yesterday, Elliot Page introduced himself to the world. As far as I was concerned, no big a deal. But then I got to thinking, does his birth chart reveal similar configurations as Chaz Bono‘s chart?

No one knows what time Elliot was born, so I have rectified his chart to reflect his award-winning efforts in Juno which brought him to the attention of the world at age 20 (Moon), and the unexpected transgender news at age 33 (Uranus). I think this is absolutely correct.

So, the most important aspect in his chart is the Yod pointing to Gemini Rising (being in two minds) from Pluto in Scorpio (secret rebellion) and Neptune in Capricorn (a foot in two camps). The second most, but for our purposes the most, important aspect gives us a hint of the conflict going on within his being: Sun T-squared with the Moon and Ascendant. We saw a similar configuration in Chaz’s chart, only there the Sun and Moon were in opposition, squared to the Ascendant. Here the Moon and the Ascendant are opposed, square to the Sun. (Please note: this is not proof that everyone with this configuration wants to be the ‘other sex’.) This is a trend that we can review later.

My only quibble is that Elliot/Ellen could have taken on the non-binary role only, calling themselves E.L. Page. But, since he is already married, I guess he just wanted to normalize that relationship. But who am I to judge another? I’m only an astrologer.

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Or L.E. Page (Ellie)…


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