New Insights into Jesus’ Birth

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Do you ever wonder why it takes such a long time for the ‘other shoe to drop’? Of course, I am talking about The Star of Bethlehem manuscript that I posted on this blog site over four years ago. In it I discussed the possibility that Jesus had actually been born as a female, and that so much of the Gospels could be better understood if that thought was kept in mind. Blasphemous? Perhaps. But the ‘Second Coming’ seems to highlight what most Christians find difficult to comprehend: transgender issues.

The common element in ‘transgender charts’ is the Sun/Moon/Ascendant T-square. Because of the timing of my original charts about Jesus’ birth and death, I had not made this obvious connection, until now. The charts may simply have been ‘slightly’ off-kilter. However, I did note that the overall effect was of a Cosmic Cross in both the natal and the ‘fatal’ charts. That’s the bigger picture. That’s the ‘proof’.

Here’s what I wrote in Chapter 14: Some Conclusions:

Alright, here we have a puzzle, but when we look back at Jesus’ (original) birth chart, that pentagram in its centre reminds us that the Great Goddess is present, even if only symbolically. But then Anthony Harris tackles a very delicate subject: What if Jesus was actually a woman and not a man?

Was Jesus really a woman? I don’t think so, but a lot of people have speculated that he might have been an hermaphrodite. This would help explain the balance in his birth chart.

All of this makes me more and more convinced of the rightness of this theory. Especially the concept of the Beginning and the End: if Jesus started the process as Adam, giving ‘birth’ to Eve “out of his side”, then it is poetic justice and perfect balance that the favour should be returned by Mary ‘immaculately’ conceiving Jesus. This lack of a Y chromosome, and perhaps even one X chromosome makes the matter of Jesus’ sex intriguing, but we shall return to this later.

This all brings me back to Isis resurrecting Osiris: she found fourteen of his fifteen body parts, the only one missing was the phallus. The myth may have some truth hidden within it, which may explain why Jesus felt he was the embodiment of a great god, and that he must die to redeem his people.

So the mystery of what the Cathars and Templars knew seems to be that they alone held the truth about Jesus: he was a wo/man who was immaculately conceived by his/her twin-soul mother, Mary, lived as a great teacher, died as a God, and then resurrected as the Great Goddess. To get the proper effect, read this book again substituting ‘she’ for ‘he’ and ‘her’ for ‘his’.

The Star of Bethlehem

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3 Responses to New Insights into Jesus’ Birth

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Elisabeth Vreede draws our attention to another interesting star myth mentioning the Pleiades as referred to by Rudolf Steiner:

    It is related that the death of Osiris took place as the Sun stood in the seventeenth degree of Scorpio and the Full Moon rose on the opposite side. We have here an assertion [it is to be found in Plutarch, among others, “Concerning Isis and Osiris”] that is made quite in the sense of the later astrological method of thought.… Let us take the picture of the setting Sun in the Sign of Scorpio, which was the Sign of the Underworld and of Death. The Sun stands not far from the red-colored Antares. Osiris disappears in the Underworld, but soon afterward he rises again as Full Moon in the eastern sky. . . . The constellation depicted here: the Sun in 17° Scorpio, the Full Moon in Taurus by the Pleiades, is again no unique one.

    Dann, Kevin; Powell, Robert. Astrological Revolution: Unveiling the Science of the Stars as a Science of Reincarnation and Karma . SteinerBooks. Kindle Edition.


  2. john McNeary says:

    What if Jesus was a Pisces?


    • cdsmiller17 says:

      I can understand why you’re asking: the sign of the fish is hinted at by the initials of Jesus’ name and title, and by the quote about Jonah. However, there is much speculation about when Jesus was actually born, because there are no historical records, just scripture. I have based his birth chart on the Edgar Cayce reading of the Akashic records.


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