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Meet a Person who Decided to be Non-Binary

T. Thomason (September 29, 1994) I follow T. Thomason on Facebook. I sent him a message asking if he’d like me to do his birth chart. He answered, “No, I’m alright.” That is so close to the British statement, “No, … Continue reading

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New Insights into Jesus’ Birth

Our Nativity Scene Do you ever wonder why it takes such a long time for the ‘other shoe to drop’? Of course, I am talking about The Star of Bethlehem manuscript that I posted on this blog site over four … Continue reading

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Astrology: More Transgender Issues Revealed

Elliot (formerly Ellen) Page (February 21, 1987) Yesterday, Elliot Page introduced himself to the world. As far as I was concerned, no big a deal. But then I got to thinking, does his birth chart reveal similar configurations as Chaz … Continue reading

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Astrology: Can Transgender Issues Show Up in a Birth Chart?

From Chastity to Chaz Bono This is purely speculative on my part: I wanted to see if the aspects in a birth chart can give us a clue as to why someone would decide to change gender. Seems I guessed … Continue reading

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Eurovision 2014: a new direction?

When I lived in England, this annual ritual used to be mocked, and yet watched, by millions of people in Europe. We all knew it was just a chance for any country to support its neighbours. But this year something … Continue reading

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