Eurovision 2014: a new direction?

When I lived in England, this annual ritual used to be mocked, and yet watched, by millions of people in Europe. We all knew it was just a chance for any country to support its neighbours. But this year something changed.

Drag Queen wins Eurovision Song Contest


Eurovision 2014


The Eurovision Song Contest 2014 was the 59th annual Eurovision Song Contest. The contest took place inCopenhagen, Denmark, following Emmelie de Forest’s win in the 2013 contest with the song “Only Teardrops”. This is the third time that Denmark has hosted the contest, most recently hosting in 2001. The two semi-finals took place on 6 May and 8 May 2014, and the final on 10 May 2014. The host broadcaster, DR, chose the B&W Hallerne as the host venue after considering several bids from cities and venues across Denmark. The shows were presented by Lise Rønne, Nikolaj Koppel and Pilou Asbæk.

Conchita Wurst of Austria won the final. This was Austria’s first win in the competition since 1966. With the polarizing nature of LGBT rights in western and eastern Europe, Wurst’s status as a drag queen has made some consider Austria’s victory in the contest as a political statement as well. The Netherlands placed second and Sweden placed third rounding out the Top 3. (Wikipedia)

My Analysis (for “Other Points in Time”)

Previously, we examined briefly the change that happened with India allowing a third gender designation. Normally, what happens in Asia or the Subcontinent does not affect Western Europe or the Americas. Other mundane astrologers have been tracking the Gay and Lesbian Rights movements from the 60’s and their feeling is that Conchito Wurst’s win at the Eurovision Song Contest is the culmination of years of struggle.

They might be right because within five hours of that win, America was having a breakthrough moment of its own. Michael Sam, the first openly gay NFL draft pick, was filmed kissing his boyfriend, after being selected by the St Louis Rams. Is this really a big deal? As Rowan & Martin used to say on Laugh-In: “You bet your sweet bippy” it is.

It’s difficult to know where to begin with this chart. If you watch the You Tube video of the song, “Rise like a Phoenix”,  the laser show behind the singer is echoed in the aspect image in this chart. One mundane astrologer noted that the Ascendant was Scorpio Rising! And the majorfocus for most of them was the Mars/Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto Grand Cross which is a constant reminder of how important 2014 is.


The world has turned a corner We can no longer marginalize or stigmatize those who are ‘different’. This is a good thing. Maybe we are preparing for a future when the opposite sexes will no longer have relationships, and the ‘powers that be’ want to find a different path which involves some other way. Cloning, perhaps?

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