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Astrology: Can Transgender Issues Show Up in a Birth Chart?

From Chastity to Chaz Bono This is purely speculative on my part: I wanted to see if the aspects in a birth chart can give us a clue as to why someone would decide to change gender. Seems I guessed … Continue reading

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Something in the Air that Night?

Adam Lambert Again, this post was triggered by the Nick Merico appearance on American Idol this week. It took me back to season 8 when Adam Lambert auditioned, and then came second in the contest to Kris Allen. Of course, … Continue reading

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  A question of equality in sex, Quixotic be the one who dares to ask, Until the present did not take to task A nagging sense of what the word bisects: Racial discrimination just reflects Injustice in our courts, an … Continue reading

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