His Assassination was the First Shot in Stalin’s Great Purge

Sergei Kirov (March 27, 1886 – December 1, 1934)

On this day in history (in 1934), the man who was considered next in line from Joseph Stalin was shot in the neck while attending his offices in Leningrad (then Saint Petersburg). His death, and the subsequent show trial, became the excuse for Stalin to purge the Communist Party in Russia of any rivals. Stalin may also have been the reason for Kirov’s death, although that has never been proven.

No one knows what time Sergei Kirov was born, and I experimented with different birth times, before settling on 7:00 am, for no other reason than the (popular) Neptune conjunct his Ascendant in Taurus. There are two inconjuncts: Moon and Pluto; and the Sun and Mars. This combination would make him a threat to Stalin.

I’ve highlighted this photo before. In the end, Kirov was airbrushed out of history. So, the question is: did Stalin instigate his assassination?

There are two Fingers of God (Yods) and one inconjunct here that it seems that at least three reasons for the assassination are being highlighted.

Kirov’s natal Mercury is being pointed to by his ‘fatal’ Mercury and Mars; his natal Venus is being pointed to by his ‘fatal’ Mars and Pluto; and his ‘natal’ Jupiter is inconjunct his ‘fatal’ Uranus, while being conjunct to his ‘fatal’ Moon. This ‘feels’ like a popular politician was ‘sacrificed’, to secure power for the man at the top.

I guess it doesn’t pay to be too close to political power, does it?

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