The Honey Trap



The Cold War

Yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized to every persecuted member (past and present) of the Government, the Military and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who were hounded out of their careers for being (potentially) homosexual.

This was an unprecedented move, and one that was long overdue.

In his statement, Trudeau did not give the reasons behind the past actions by the Government, but it doesn’t take much imagination to understand what they were.

Starting during World War II, MI6 planted spies in high society to extract indiscreet comments from officials of other countries, commonly called “pillow talk”. Sir William Stephenson even suggested that Amy Elizabeth (Betty) Pack (née Thorpe) was one of the ‘unsung heroines of the war’ for her contribution to this intelligence gathering.

After the war, the Soviet Union went one better and started to go after society’s most vulnerable citizens, homosexuals, in order to compromise them into spying on their behalf. The story of how MI6 was infiltrated by Burgess, Maclean and Philby was a salutatory lesson for everyone in the West, so the United States and Canada cracked down on homosexuality, maintaining its illegal status, even after other countries had accepted it.


From Russia With Love

The Spy vs Spy scene in this film will show you a reenactment of what it must have been like during those years:



Of course, the men behind the mirror were just doing their job.


Trump and Putin

Which brings me to the point of this blog. There have been multiple rumours that somehow Trump was compromised while in Moscow in 2013 for the Miss Universe pageant. Even he has stated that he had a relationship with Putin.

Is there ever smoke without fire? You decide…

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