How to “Feel”: Sense Without Touching



There’s a scene in the 2000 movie where Maximus is walking through a wheat field. I have always felt that this image represents the ability to sense energy without actually touching it. Quite similar to my experience in a crop circle.

But how does one do that?



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Surrounding each of our bodies is a radiant energy field called an aura. When we get sensations of ‘something’ other than ourselves and we have not been in physical touch, we are processing information through the aura.

In spiritual healing, the hands are held near the body of the ‘patient’: this allows the passage of energy from (and through) the healer to the one needing help. This passage of energy can be felt either as a movement of heat or cold, depending on their need.

At the same time, the healer is ‘feeling’ where the energy is low or depleted, by sensing how the energy is being processed. It has been done for over a hundred years now, so this is really nothing new.


Finger Dowsing


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You, no doubt, have heard of dowsing with copper rods or willow switches. Did you know you can dowse with just your fingers?

Check out this link for instructions on how to do it.

In my experience, I was able to predict the winner of the Grand National in 2007 just by using one finger, pointing at the names of the horses in a newspaper. But you have to develop a sensitivity to the process before you can accomplish this feat.


Being in ‘Touch” at a Distance


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And it is possible to connect with others, even when they are far away from you.

There are a number of websites that explain how it works. This one caught my eye.

The power to do this is Love.

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