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Government: By the People for the People?

Aristocracy vs Liberty Phineas Quimby was a very opinionated man. And having witnessed first-hand the American Civil War meant that he based his thinking on what he saw going on around him. Politically, he equated priests and doctors to the … Continue reading

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Following the Script of a Pandemic Movie

Contagion (2011) This movie has an eerie prescience. (And the tag line makes the point clearly.) I cannot remember any other movie I’ve seen where images similar to it are being played out in televised segments on the nightly news. … Continue reading

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The Best Laid Plans…

W.H.O. Sustainable Development Goals. Have you really thought what COVID-19 could do to the economic and societal infrastructures of the world? It’s mind-blowing. The stock markets are already panicking. China locked down a whole district and contained its spread, and … Continue reading

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Can You Really See Me?

This house finch may be going blind.

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The Universe: God’s Body?

God’s Footstool Our schooled version of God suggests that Earth is His footstool. That’s nice…it definitely puts us in our place. But if you take away the religious confusion and focus on the real meaning, you’ll get a different perspective. … Continue reading

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Can history teach us anything about the present?

Most of us look back on things that have happened in the past as distant memories, some with fondness, and most with gratitude that those times have gone forever: but have they really? The reaction on the street to Michael … Continue reading

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