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We All Have a Bit of Magick in Us

Aleister Crowley (October 12, 1875 – December 1, 1947) Up until now, I have avoided this individual, like the plague. It’s not hard to work out why: he personified ‘evil’. But, as always, when you actually look at the person, … Continue reading

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Four Letter Words with a Hidden Meaning:

Beyond the Veil Strange how this never stood out for me before. Sure, I saw how LIVE was the mirror image of EVIL, but I’d missed the idea that the VEIL concealed it all from my eyes. Perhaps, Demosthenes knew … Continue reading

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The Man who Built Iconic Structures in the 1880’s

Gustave Eiffel (December 15, 1832 – December 27, 1923) In terms of middle-of-the-night inspirations, this one was the strangest. As I was in the midst of a dream about something else, my mind was being told that Satan’s birth happened … Continue reading

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*Scythe*: A Slasher Film to End All Slasher Films

Fascination (1979) Why are we so fascinated by evil, death and sex? It must be primeval. And with Hallowe’en fast approaching, this fascination will be triggered yet again. *Sigh* If you ask this question of a psychologist or psychiatrist, their … Continue reading

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Who Fell in the Garden of Eden?

Read it Backwards I had a flash of inspiration yesterday when writing out the above phrase on Messenger: what if we reversed the words? English is a hybrid of other languages and yet it seems to be the standard for … Continue reading

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Media: Are YOU Getting the Point Yet?

The Medium IS the Message Marshall McLuhan was way ahead of the pack. He saw in the 60’s that control of the media equates to control of our minds. In those days, that meant movies, TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. … Continue reading

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The Universe: God’s Body?

God’s Footstool Our schooled version of God suggests that Earth is His footstool. That’s nice…it definitely puts us in our place. But if you take away the religious confusion and focus on the real meaning, you’ll get a different perspective. … Continue reading

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We Control the Horizontal

Lords of the Levels I was alerted to this book by a reference made to it in the manuscript that Suzanne Thomas is preparing for publication in the next little while, called Who’d Have Thought It. As a major portion … Continue reading

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The Left Hand of God?

In the second half of the 20th Century, we began to exam the ‘dark side of life’ (Richard Rohr). Having gone through two World Wars in the space of two generations, we needed to understand man’s inhumanity to his fellow … Continue reading

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