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When It Comes to American Voters…

Democrats Have Lost Their Way Let me first say this: I am totally uninterested in American politics. (Who laughed at that statement?) And, although my own political leanings are a little left of centre, I can see when something is … Continue reading

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The Man who Built Iconic Structures in the 1880’s

Gustave Eiffel (December 15, 1832 – December 27, 1923) In terms of middle-of-the-night inspirations, this one was the strangest. As I was in the midst of a dream about something else, my mind was being told that Satan’s birth happened … Continue reading

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Symbol of American Politics

American Bald Eagle I got this image during today’s afternoon nap. I think it’s informative and enlightening. A bald eagle is a bird of prey, but it usually only hunts fish, like salmon. In order for it to fly, both … Continue reading

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Ontario: Giving our Trillium a Makeover

New Look for an Old Symbol When Doug Ford became Premier of Ontario he promised to update the look of the province, mainly to get rid of outmoded Liberal influences. One of the most radical changes involved a new look … Continue reading

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