When It Comes to American Voters…

Democrats Have Lost Their Way

Let me first say this: I am totally uninterested in American politics. (Who laughed at that statement?)

And, although my own political leanings are a little left of centre, I can see when something is wrong. But the challenge, as always, is how to fix the problem.

American voters really only have two choices: Republicans or Democrats. Have you ever wondered why their party symbols are the elephant and the donkey? Read this article for a better understanding.

When you only have a choice of the best worst option, it can cause some voters to be prone to switching sides, depending on what the concerns of the day are. And those are the voters each party targets.

But loyal bases get concerned when they don’t see what their party stands for, I mean, really stands for.

That was the genius of Donald Trump: he knew what they wanted, and he promised to deliver it to them if they made him President: Make America Great Again.

That couldn’t have happened if the government had been taking care of business. As always, once elected to office, the people in power decide to take care of themselves. Such as it ever was.

Joe Biden’s turn for glory came on the back of the idea that the American voter could get rid of Trump, once and for all time. So the voters showed up and did their civic duty, for once.

But Trump hasn’t gone away, and now everyone is concerned that should he become President again, he’ll become a Dictator. But who can defeat him a second time? Joe Biden? Kamala Harris? Who?

Republicans, Democrats differ on what brings meaning in life.

Pew Research Center

And just to make an example of three issues, here are their use of different words to say the same thing:

And What About the Economy?

The year 1980, in the modern era, was when Reaganomics became the norm.

Since then, the Democrats have lost their way.

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