The Universe: God’s Body?


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God’s Footstool

Our schooled version of God suggests that Earth is His footstool. That’s nice…it definitely puts us in our place.

But if you take away the religious confusion and focus on the real meaning, you’ll get a different perspective.

In scientific terms, we understand that atoms are the building blocks of creation. The elements, when combined, form the material world.

So, if we view that concept as an interpretation of this picture, God wouldn’t exist except for the material world: in our parochial terms, Earth.

A Binary World


Eve Tempted by The Serpent courtesy of Wikipedia

What if I told you that the ‘real’ building blocks of earthly life are numbers? One of the first things you learn for computer programming is that the language is binary in nature: either On (1) or Off (0).

As I’ve tried to explain in other posts, our concept of Evil is actually a perversion of this On or Off sequence. We see ‘movement’ as positive, ‘inactivity’ as negative. But quantum physics has now explained that the two states are actually “potential” (dark matter) and “manifestation” (light). And, ‘surprise, surprise’ this inversion of our thinking can be seen as personified in Lucifer “the Light bringer”.

Childhood Understanding


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Very early on in this life, I decided that I ‘saw’ how God could be represented to our limited view of the Universe. All the stars at night were actually the nuclei of His body. All the planets that rotate around them are electrons. We, as inhabitants of one of these small planets, are no more than microbes, a virus, if you will.

Every once in a while, the Earth tries to shake us off, especially when our activities have overloaded the natural systems that sustain this planet’s health.

But something else is going on. We are actually miniature universes, too. That’s why the great thinkers of the world have reminded us always “As above, So below”.

Spiritual Basis


Here’s where spiritual traditions help us return to a ‘potential’ space within ourselves. When we meditate, the ‘doings’ of our minds are calmed. This brings us back to God.

We realign to the Universe and this allows the spiritual energy to flow through us again. You could say that we switch “Off”, in order to turn “On” to the Truth.





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