Media: Are YOU Getting the Point Yet?

Marshall McLuhan

The Medium IS the Message

Marshall McLuhan was way ahead of the pack. He saw in the 60’s that control of the media equates to control of our minds. In those days, that meant movies, TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. He’d obviously been influenced by George Orwell’s 1984 and Big Brother. Could he really have foreseen the Internet and Social Media? Personal computers, tablets and cell phones weren’t in the public domain, yet.

The Goggle Box

Medium is the Message

It didn’t take television executives long to realize that they could influence public opinion by producing shows that were controversial and leading-edge.

A rundown of the top 70’s TV programs should be enough to demonstrate the truth of this. In fact, the movies were losing their audience, so movie executives began to fight back with films that were more and more violent.

I won’t try to analyze the effects on society, but it could be seen in the streets during those years. It was like setting a match to a bonfire.

The Google Box


Now we have computer technology at our fingertips. And, boy oh boy, do we like to use it. In itself, this medium is benign, but the people who are providing the products we are consuming are laughing all the way to the bank. Why? Because of the advertising that goes along with the sites.

As Vance Packard originally predicted, if you can catch people’s attention, even subliminally, you can influence how they will spend their money. And the biggest selling point? Sex.

We seem to be a species that can be led by our hormones.



So, my point of this exercise is to warn you that you are being ‘influenced’ constantly.

Big Brother is not only watching you, He is listening, too. It seems that He (or His public female ‘voice’) is laughing at you, too.

Now, who’s the laughing stock? YOU!

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