The Real Voice of Siri.

Apple first released Siri onto the world stage in 2011. Most other mobile phone manufacturers have followed suit. Even Amazon has joined the fray.

Now, this is exactly what Dan Brown was trying to demonstrate in “Origin”: our growing dependence on AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd generation)

It’s sobering to think that George Orwell’s 1984 also tried to warn us about Big Brother watching us. Or, in this case, listening to us.

Triple Six

I am a reluctant user of technology. Why? Because there’s something unnatural about AI. My experience with computer programming goes back to 1969, the early days, one might say.

It opened my eyes to its future applications, but I had to look to the recent past (WWII) to see clearly that computers were invented to take the drudgery out of mathematical calculations, thus freeing up Accountants and Scientists to focus on more important issues, such as doing your taxes or winning a war.


Alan Turing was working for Military Intelligence at Bletchley Park. He and his band of mathematicians were trying to decode the German’s Enigma machine, so the Allies could stay one step ahead of the Nazi U-boats. His story was told in the film, The Imitation Game.

The Turing Machine, shown above, was the basis for modern computers.

In my own experience, I had an illuminating flash of recognition in 1978, when I found out that the Bank of Nova Scotia’s mainframe computer uses a three digit code to shut down its system at night. The three digit code? 999. Guess what their startup code was in the morning: you got it!

My Satanic Struggle

When I wrote the screenplay later that year, I wanted to incorporate a character that would reflect the “Number of the Beast” in Revelation. So I created a personal computer that could converse with Henry Evergreen: an early Echo, perhaps?

My version was called VIVI6. I had envisioned a voice-over dialogue featuring a young assistant, like a male secretary. Now I’m thinking that the voice should be more like Siri’s: a competent personal assistant, with a soothing tone.


We mustn’t be fooled into thinking that Siri, Alexa and others are solely for our ‘assistance’. The ultimate plan is to have access to all of our homes in order to keep an ‘ear’ on our activities.

And please keep in mind that if these products and services are available to the public now, the Military Industrial Complex has had access to them for decades.

Consider yourself warned…

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