Who was Al Bielek? Why is He Important?


Can we travel to the future and then come back again?

One of those IcePop posts on Microsoft News peaked my interest. But not content with their way of stretching the story out as a slide show, I did my own research here.

And the jury is out on this one, but the echoes, from other sources, incline me to believe what he said. As has been stated, it’s a story too outlandish to be believed, but that makes it more believable to me. Why would he lie?

Floating Cities in 2749 AD


Humans themselves largely existed on “floating cities” that would roam around the planet. Some of these cities were as high as two miles as a result of “controlling the laws of gravity” within the city limits. These movements and the cities, in general, were under the control of the main synthetic computer system. Some cities, he would claim, were independent of the main computer system. They did, though, have their own computer systems with which they ruled over their own “populations”.

There were also some groups of people who lived outside of the computer controlled floating cities on the ground below. These people were not considered part of society and were cast out by their own actions. The most chilling claims, and most certainly a warning to our own generations when we consider the increasingly persistent warnings regarding artificial intelligence. He would ask on several occasions of several different people how the main computer system came to be in control over humans. And even more to the point, who was responsible for its construction. People would act, he would recall, as if the question was not one that had ever occurred to them before. And what’s more, nobody could provide an answer to that question, other than it was built in the twenty-sixth century.

As I was reading that in the above report on ufoinsight.com, I remembered seeing something similar in a work of fiction.

The Education of Oversoul Seven

“What about the rest of the planet?”

“It’s in pretty poor shape. It’s been stripped, but it’s recovering, now that most of the people are gone. Even the animals are coming back. There’s no question, though, that this particular area is amazingly productive.” Window spoke slowly, and Proteus thought that he was holding something back. He was tempted to pursue the subject further, but there were too many other questions on his mind.

“Why don’t the Floaters know about this dig?” Proteus asked. “They know about the first one.”

Window stood up. “We don’t know,” he said. “You tell me.”

Roberts, Jane. The Oversoul Seven Trilogy: The Education of Oversoul Seven, The Further Education of Oversoul Seven, Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time (Roberts, Jane) (Jane Roberts Seth Books) (Kindle Locations 3398-3403). Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Jane Roberts set this part of her book in the 23rd century AD, and Bielek speaks of 2749 AD. I think we may have a connection here. These concepts don’t come out of the blue.

Food for thought.

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