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Is This Just a Space Farce?

A Grift in Space There’s an uncomfortable truth about American space exploration: why are they wanting to conquer the galaxy when they have no real power on earth? Oh, right, they want to find new worlds for when earth becomes … Continue reading

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Should The “Powers That Be” Hire an Astrologer?

Artemis 1 Delayed This image wasn’t from this morning, but the Moon has an effect on the outcome of NASA’s plans, for sure. This is timed for when the rocket was intended to be launched. Notice the Moon (@ 1° … Continue reading

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A Show that Dials Up Space Adventure

Stargate SG-1 (1997 – 2007) So here’s the thing: I never watched a single episode of this sci-fi show, but now I think I should have. It was obviously a catalyst for David Wilcock, especially in its early years, because … Continue reading

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Are We “Lost in Space”?

Just to demonstrate how my mind works: I fell asleep last night remembering the actors’ and actresses’ names from this TV show, starting with June Lockhart. Now, whatever does that mean? See my question, above…

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The Wizard of Star Wars

Nothing New Under the Sun? Almost two years ago, I had a back and forth discussion with my youngest daughter on Facebook about the echoes of The Wizard of Oz had in the first Star Wars movie. This idea is … Continue reading

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“What Happens Now?”

Interstellar (2014) I knew when I first saw this movie that I would return to it some day: today is that day. As always, movies are open to individualized interpretation. This one is no different:   The US Space Force … Continue reading

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New American Civil War

In Case You Hadn’t Noticed Yesterday, David Wilcock posted a rather hurried update on his Divine Cosmos website that should raise an alarm or two. I suggest that you take some time to read it because, without doing so, you … Continue reading

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