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Round: Like a Circle in a Spiral; Like a Wheel Within a Wheel

Karmic Astrology and Reincarnation We seem to be stuck in the here and now. And yet, we yearn for an idyllic past, and hope for a perfect future. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: there is only NOW. … Continue reading

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Walk-Ins from a Future Century Travel Back to Our Time

Travelers (2016-2018) My son suggested that I watch this series on Netflix after we had a discussion about walk-ins. Last night I watched the first 3 episodes, and I think I might continue to do so. Hundreds of years from … Continue reading

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Replicant in Search of a Soul

Blade Runner 2049 (2017) Geez, I thought the original Blade Runner was dark. This sequel is darker, still. Rick Deckard has vanished. The notorious Blade Runner has been missing since 2019 when he and Rachael escaped from the authorities, and … Continue reading

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My Breakthrough

The Next Step Coming up to the second time this year that Pluto transits my natal Mercury (this time in retrograde), I have been going over old territory in the hopes of discovering links that I may have missed the … Continue reading

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The Wellspring: The Clean Slate

4 March 1992 How has it been for you? How have you seen the future unfolding for the human condition? Have you seen and understood the principles for a uniting consciousness as a disruption and rejection of the world that … Continue reading

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Rael as the Lord Maitreya?

Claude Vorilhon (September 30, 1946) I have touched on this individual in the past, here. Now I wish to discuss the man, and not the movement. This is a rectified chart. Claude’s usual birth time is listed as 5: 00 … Continue reading

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The Day My Future Self Came Calling

Another Brilliant Sunset: October 8, 2017 @ 6:56 pm EDT You might wonder why I keep revisiting the past. It’s simple really: there’s so much to be gleaned from ‘events’ long gone. This one is no different: the image in … Continue reading

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The Wizard of Star Wars

Nothing New Under the Sun? Almost two years ago, I had a back and forth discussion with my youngest daughter on Facebook about the echoes of The Wizard of Oz had in the first Star Wars movie. This idea is … Continue reading

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Utopia or Dystopia?

Eve of Destruction or Dawn of a New Age? It all depends on your perspective, doesn’t it? The thinking on climate change is that we’re running out of time before we destroy this Earth and everything on it. And if … Continue reading

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My Satanic Struggle (screenplay)

Overview It might seem self-fulfilling, but I wrote a screenplay in 1978 that was supposed to be projected into the future (1996). I had to wait another 20 years for some of the more outlandish ideas to actually occur. Some … Continue reading

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