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Walk-Ins from a Future Century Travel Back to Our Time

Travelers (2016-2018) My son suggested that I watch this series on Netflix after we had a discussion about walk-ins. Last night I watched the first 3 episodes, and I think I might continue to do so. Hundreds of years from … Continue reading

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Hollywood North: Vancouver, British Columbia

Bird on a Wire (1990) It’s an improbable story, and full of violent encounters, but I still love this film. Why? It’s the British Columbia scenery: a reminder of my years of living there. The three main cities shown in … Continue reading

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My Favourite Vancouver Actress

Nicola Cavendish It wasn’t impossible to track this name down: I looked up the Vancouver Playhouse history for 1983-4  and there she was, one of the three writers of North Shore Live. When she acted in this production in North Vancouver … Continue reading

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