When a Future Self Channels Through Its Present Incarnation

Bashar: Blueprint for Change (1990)

My daughter, Rosanna, sent me the link to this book’s pdf version. It’s not often that one of my children gets to do this. But I so appreciate her ‘intervention’. This one is an eye-opener.

Be warned: this document is 241 pages long, and it’s a bit unwieldy to navigate. You cannot copy and paste passages, and there is an advertising banner from yumpu.com at the start. I’m about 25% through the text, and the information is sooo Harmonic Convergence

Here’s the back cover from the paperback version:

Meet Darryl Anka (October 12, 1951)

Although normally listed as an American spiritual medium, Darryl Anka is Canadian-born AND a cousin of Paul Anka. His channeling of Bashar started 10 years after he had a CEI (close encounter of the first kind in 1973). Bashar is an enlightened extraterrestrial entity, supposedly Anka’s future self.

Behold the birth chart of a modern mystic! That Yod (Finger of God) pointing at his Midheaven (and closely conjunct his natal Moon in Pisces) is very auspicious. The inconjuncts are Neptune and Pluto. And Uranus is conjunct his Cancer Ascendant. And just to make the point even more clear, his natal Venus and Mars are conjunct to each other and both inconjunct to his Jupiter.

If for no other reason that this: I am advertising a coming event, because I believe him to be the real deal.

How’s that for timely?

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