More Newspeak: Converging Harmony


[There may be some reading this post, today, who may think that I am mocking spiritual endeavours. Let me say, here and now, that I have the utmost respect for the spiritual work that is being done. In fact I’ve written about this event before. My purpose here is to poke a bit of fun at those who don’t believe in such things.]

harmonic convergence

Auspicious time of galactic conjunction that allegedly took place in August 1987, having apparently been predicted by the ancient Maya and José Argüelles; marked by some 144,000 people standing around in white sheets at power points such as Mount Shasta and Glastonbury Tor, waiting for angels or extraterrestrials to get off their backsides and do something, as apparently promised in St. John’s Revelation (see Bible).

“Beam me up, Scotty!”

So far as I know, Scotty didn’t. Much too busy coping with the groggy inverters, I imagine.

As most of the sheets have now been returned, guests are once more welcome to apply for accommodation at Findhorn and other New Age communities. Until next time, that is. See convergence, and hang about in Cairo.

(Page 110 – The New Age Lexicon – Peter Lemesurier)

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