Replicant in Search of a Soul

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Geez, I thought the original Blade Runner was dark. This sequel is darker, still.

Rick Deckard has vanished. The notorious Blade Runner has been missing since 2019 when he and Rachael escaped from the authorities, and in the process, also avoided the economic and social downfalls of the early 2020s. It’s now 2049. Replicants are now closer to humans than ever before, and Blade Runners are still used to “retire” the older models that went into hiding from the notorious “Blackout” of 2022. In Deckard’s place, “K” has taken the mantle of Los Angeles’ top Blade Runner. However, his world turns upside down when he discovers a box. (IMDb)

In the box are the remains of woman, who has died during childbirth. The tree that she was buried beside has the numbers 61021 scratched into the bark near the ground. This triggers K, as he has a childhood memory of a toy horse with those same numbers on it.

Because he is a replicant, he knows that the memory was implanted, but was it really?

He begins to suspect that he might be the dead woman’s “miracle” child. Upon further research, he discovers that two children were born on that day, June 10, 2021. The female was listed as deceased, the boy was sent to the orphanage, hence the memory.

He has to find out the truth, so he visits the memory lab.

(These two clips have reduced sound, so you may need to turn the volume up slightly.)

The rest of the movie centres around Officer K’s search for Rick Deckard to discover the truth about how a replicant was able to give birth to a baby. He even goes back to the orphanage, only to find that the written records for 2021 have been ripped out of the log book. Then he finds the wooden toy, exactly where his memories showed it to be.

Finally, he catches up with Deckard, and after a knock-down, drag ’em-out fight, they discuss what happened thirty years before.

Then, all hell breaks loose, and K has to rescue Deckard from the authorities. In the end, he reunites Deckard with his long-lost child. Then Officer K lays down and dies, in an echo of the original, “Tears in Rain”.

The End? No, just the beginning…

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    This quest is echoed on the latest season of Lucifer when Mazikeen (a demon from Hell) is tired of immortality, and would like to live a human life.


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