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The Inspiration for John Lennon’s “Imagine”

John & Yoko: Above Us Only Sky (2018) Call it Serendipity, call it Kismet, call it in time for dinner: we wouldn’t have watched this Channel 4 film on Netflix last night if there had not been an interruption to … Continue reading

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We are One with All Creation

My Octopus Teacher (2020) As a documentary, this little film is perfect. From our usual limited perspective (meaning, on dry land), we presume to be the Masters of the Universe. But, underwater, we are just observers, normally. Welcome to a … Continue reading

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They Just Wanted to Be Alone Together for Eternity

Searching for Cleopatra (2021) I didn’t see this CBC “The Nature of Things” program when it first aired in January, but I caught the repeat last night. It was difficult to watch. When the archeological dig finally broke through the … Continue reading

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Well, Hello, Dolly!

Dolly Parton: Here I Am (2019) To celebrate Dolly’s 50th anniversary of her association with the Grand Ole Opry, the BBC produced this documentary. (And for those who wondered why Kylie Minogue was featured, she is very popular in the … Continue reading

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It Only Takes a Spark to Light a Fire

The Camp Fire (November 2018) On the PBS program NOVA last night, the so-called “Camp Fire” was reviewed from first spark to final results, a time space of 17 days. Even though this was exactly six months ago, it still made … Continue reading

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