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Quiz: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Charles Ingram (August 6, 1963) Some people are remembered for their heroism, some for their personality; this man is remembered for trying to cheat spectacularly on a UK quiz show, and getting found out. Not knowing Mr Ingram’s birth time, … Continue reading

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Oops! Now I Know How They Do It

Robotcalls Recently, I’ve been getting calls that appear to present themselves as local cellphones. I kept wondering how they did that: had they hacked into mobiles in Midland, or what? Then a couple of calls came through from Japan. Japan? … Continue reading

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Public Opinion: Without Prejudice?

College Admissions Bribery Scandal I waited a few days before adding my two cents’ worth, but this latest distraction from the United States has become a witch hunt of a different sort. So far 50 people have been indicted in … Continue reading

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