Was He the Reason for Dorothy Kilgallen’s Death?

Johnnie Ray (January 10, 1927 – February 24, 1990)

Don’t let anyone tell you that research of the past is unrewarding. The stuff that gets uncovered is worthy of a book or two. (And Shaw has beat me to that, with his Kilgallen book.)

This was already on my astrology program (note the spelling of his first name). By all accounts, Johnnie Ray was gay. There are three inconjuncts, two of which form a Yod pointing at Uranus. I will not delineate the aspects, but rest assured that those rumours were probably true. So, what can we make of the long term relationship that he had with Dorothy Kilgallen? Was he just ‘helping her out’ of a loveless marriage? And did he father her youngest child?

Kerry Kollmar (March 19, 1954)

Hmm. They look a lot similar, don’t they?

When you put together the three birth charts, it is VERY obvious that there are connections. (And the astrologers in my audience will recognize the signs quite easily.)

Dorothy’s husband, Richard Kollmar, once threatened to kill Johnnie, if he ever caught them together again. He, obviously, did not threaten Dorothy, who was his meal-ticket. But toward the end of her life, she started dating another man, which would have triggered Richard’s jealousy, again. In the last couple of weeks before Dorothy’s death, she got spooked because of a photo in an unnamed newspaper, showing Kerry on his own in Central Park. She changed her will (never found) and took valuables to Switzerland to secure Kerry’s future if she died prematurely. Evidently, Richard may have been the one to destroy her JFK/Lee Harvey Oswald/Jack Ruby file notes, stating that they’d done enough damage already. At this point, I’m going to stop worrying about this case, since the indication is that Richard may have ‘spiked’ Dorothy’s drink (“accidently on purpose”). So, no conspiracy, no further suspects.

The end.

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