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Sir Eight was a Very Faithful Dog even until Death

Hachik┼Ź (November 10, 1923 – March 8, 1935) Now, you knew I couldn’t let this rest until I’d looked at this dog astrologically. His birth chart is randomized. I was really wanting to see if there were any inconjuncts not … Continue reading

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Tearjerker: This Dog Met the 5 O’clock Train for 9 Years

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009) I should have known better: with BeBe’s current state of health (and mind), this little film was going to break my heart. I blubbered a lot of tears. In October 2009, Christopher Lloyd of the┬áSarasota … Continue reading

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Don Trump: “I Need Loyalty, I Expect Loyalty”

And the reward for loyalty? A Presidential pardon.

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Waiting for Her Master’s Return

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Loyalty: Cuts Both Ways

The answer to yesterday’s question “Why Lie?” Funny, isn’t it? The answer about Donald Trump’s troubles has been there from the very beginning when he fired James Comey as Director of the FBI: “I need loyalty, I expect loyalty.” It’s … Continue reading

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