“This Was Their Finest Hour”

Battle of Britain (July 10, 1940 – October 31, 1940)

I started looking at this time period, after being prompted by the headline on the back cover of XPD. June 10, 1940 was the date of the Fall of France after only a month to Nazi Germany. The premise in Len Deighton’s book was that Churchill and Hitler had a secret meeting. I’m not sure they would have found the time.

The Dunkirk evacuation had already taken place, and Churchill was now preparing the nation for the prospect of invasion by the Germans. Here is the final page of the text of his speech which he gave to Parliament on June 18, 1940:

Little did he know that he was being prophetic: in just three weeks after this speech, the Blitzkrieg started. The Battle of Britain was over by October 31, 1940, and the British had won their skirmish.

When I raised this chart, about three or four years ago, I decided the Germans would have started the bombardment of shipping fleets at 8 am. It was an arbitrary choice of time, since no accounts of WWII actually specify when the battle began. And yet, there are two connected inconjuncts:

Moon Inconjunct Midheaven

You may be unable to follow one path consistently. In other words, your emotional needs may be in conflict with your long-range goals. You may know what you have to do, but not feel much like doing it.

Neptune Inconjunct Midheaven

You are very impressionable, in that you pick up the energies around you very quickly. Your impressonableness may give rise to some psychic ability, or at least a very sharp intuition.

Moon Conjunct Neptune

You can be very sensitive to other people’s needs. You can put yourself into someone else’s shoes and understand how that person feels, which makes you very reluctant to cause pain to anyone.

See what I mean about Churchill being prophetic? The Moon represents the British people and Neptune represents Churchill, himself, in this chart. The Midheaven would represent the Battle ahead.

Here is another example of Churchill’s rhetoric, seeking to unite the country behind the war effort:

And after the battle, Churchill stated the obvious:

So true…

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