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How to Turn a Theory on Its Head:

Can We Reincarnate In the Same Family? These questions seem the same, but are subtly different: I’m asking ‘can we?’ while Dr. Dyer is wondering ‘could we?’ And the term ‘with’ implies everyone being connected to everyone else in the … Continue reading

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The Beaver House (VI)

Chapter Six “To begin with, I was adopted in my early teens by a Mohawk family. They saved me from a torturous death and to them I shall be eternally grateful. Then I escaped from the tribe by killing three … Continue reading

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Adoption: to the 3rd and 4th Generations

  An Open Secret Brigitte, pictured above, is the latest in a long line of family members that have been adopted. This happened a month before her 9th birthday. Working backwards, Brigitte’s mother, Amy, is my adopted child. I was … Continue reading

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Who Am I? My Search for a Family Name

As I pointed out in the poem, “My Father’s Heir” (see “The Miller Saga: Family Reunion”) I grew up thinking that my father was dead. That was before Mom wrote me “THE Letter”, which laid out some of the details … Continue reading

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