The Beaver House (VI)

Chapter Six

“To begin with, I was adopted in my early teens by a Mohawk family. They saved me from a torturous death and to them I shall be eternally grateful. Then I escaped from the tribe by killing three of my companions. Now I know that I did a treacherous thing, but the need to return to my proper kinsmen was too strong to be denied. I almost made it the whole way back when I was recaptured. Only this time, I knew I had no chance to escape Death’s door.”

“But you are here, so you must have eluded the Eternal Sleep once more.”

“Quite so, but I will get to that a little bit later. For now, let me just say that I was so sure that I would be executed that I stopped worrying about what minor injuries they could do to me. So after undergoing horrible tortures, I was shocked when my adoptive family came to my rescue as second time. It took great eloquence on the part of my father, and beautiful porcelain necklaces from my mother, before the elders of the tribe gave in and released me.”

“Did you suffer?”

“Not as much as I could have if I had not feared death: the fear of death takes away the fear of blows. Anyway, the tortures I witnessed going on around me were worse than I had to endure.”

“Any permanent damage?”

“Just my middle finger which they had squeezed between two stones. They called me Ovinha, which means the same as my name does in French, ‘stone’. With that kind of introduction to the ways of the ‘First Men’, I went on, after escaping with the help of the Dutch, to assist the Jesuit ‘Blackrobes’ with their trade missions and dealings with the Huron and Iroquois.”

“So what has this to do with knowing our language?”

“Actually, it was in my dealings with the Ottawas that I became acquainted with your tongue, and after a few months I mastered it. Do you realize that most of your neighbours rely on the names your people use to identify the same things they have? That tells me that your people are very influential.”

“You are correct, Ovinha, the surrounding people know we are the First People and they look to us to lead the way.”

“Then I have, indeed, come to the right people. Will you help me?”


“We want to negotiate a trade – beaver pelts for supplies. If your people agree, you will receive a portion of the wealth, no matter who deals with us.”

“Why would you do that for us?”

“Since your neighbours look to your people for direction, you should be well paid for the influence you can exert on them.”

“Please speak clearly, Ovinha. What must we do to earn these riches?”

“Just let it be known that your tribe has begun to trade with us: then, when your neighbours hear what you are doing, they’ll want to join in. Do you understand?”

“Yes, now I understand.”

“Will you speak to your elders for me?”

“Yes, they will decide.” With that, Ahmik arose and went out of the lodge.

Pierre looked around and saw where his possessions were. Going over to them, he lay down on his mat and promptly fell asleep.

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